Color The Night


Riding on disco-beats, excessive guitars and funky riffs these 6 guys find each other on a mission for the “holy dancing grail”. Clever arrangements and musical “finesse” create the perfect symbiosis between dance and sophisticated music without cliché. They are young, impetuous and always ready to rock the musical canvas on high voltage!
February 2018, lead-singer Paris Zinner and guitarist Michael Buchegger finally gave birth to the band. Coincidence has brought them together 2 years before dropping the seed for a bigger collaboration “on stage”.
On August 24, they released their first Single “Eyes Off You“ which racked up over 150k streams to date followed by „Please Talk To Me“ in November 2018 including a remix by Lithuanian DJ/producer Verbus.
2019 continued to be even more successful with their first show ever in Germany in front of 800 people in Munich followed by a tour through Austria & Germany and the release of their third single “Take Me Home Boy” in August which amassed 300k streams in just 4 months and got featured by Spotify in their biggest German Indie playlist.
2020 is set to be the most exciting year so far with the release of two new songs and their debut EP in May before hitting the road again which will bring the pop/indie/disco outfit outside of Austria & Germany for the first time.
Color The Night are:
Paris Zinner / vocals
Michael Buchegger / rhythm guitar
Valentin Goidinger / lead guitar
Lukas Märkl/ electric bass guitar
Jakob Gschwandtner / drums
Jonathan Banholzer / trumpet