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01. Mastering

How many tracks *
You can pre order tracks and send them later (just add it in the Notes)
Mastering or Stem Mastering? *
If you are already happy with the balance of your mix, standard mastering will give it the final touch. If you are not entirely happy with your mix, stem mastering might be useful.
Stem Mastering means that the track is divided into stems (eg. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals) to give the mastering engineer more control.
If you choose stem mastering, you must be aware that it can change the balance of the mix. The more stems, the more the mix will change. Standard mastering keeps the mix intact as much as possible.
2 Stems (Instrumental & Vocals) is a great compromise between keeping the balance of the mix intact and having more control.
How many Stems?
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02. Track Information

Artist Name *
Track Name *
For more tracks divide the tracks with a comma (,)
Do you want mix feedback? (FREE)
I will listen to your song prior to mastering and send you technical feedback if I have any. You choose if you want to optimize your mix.
Mix feedback will delay the finishing date of the master a few days.
Preferred date for finished master
If you need the master in less than 1 week, please write me an Email to confirm I can get to it on time

03. References

References are really important for me and let me understand how you want your finished master to sound. Think of which songs you would want to be before and after your track on a Spotify playlist. These would most likely be great reference tracks. If there are specific things about a reference that you like, let me know in the notes.

Reference #1
Copy youtube / spotify link of your reference track
Reference #2
Copy youtube / spotify link of your reference track
Give me more info on how you want your tracks to sound. Do you want it loud, dynamic, aggressiv. Also let me know of any specifics in your mix you are not happy with and want me to look into.

04. Upload

Choose between uploading your tracks to our server or sending us a link with your tracks. You can also send me your tracks later via email.

Link to your file
WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, what ever works for you
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05. Billing Address

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